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SPCI Announces Online EMS Education
See our online education section for details

Continuing Education

SPCI offers a variety of continuing education options, including refresher training, videos, con-ed weekends, online education and the SimLab.

Use the links to the left for more information on our con-ed weekend and refresher programs.

Video Based Training
Con-ed videos provide a means for you to tailor your con-ed experience according to your schedule. To view the con-ed videos, contact the office. It is expected that students be prepared for evaluations at the end of the video presentations.
Simulation Training

Realistic training in a classroom setting at SPCI is now avaialble! From start to finish our simulation lab will challenge you with either standard or custom scenarios. Our Simulab will record your team on VHS or DVD. A running tabulation of all your interventions is recorded and printed. Debriefings can be held in the classroom or back at your facility. It is recommended that you schedule your time with the Simulab one month in advance. Immediate scheduling is available for remediation. The simulab is a unique way to provide quality assurance/quality improvement, team building and improve decision making skills. Contact the office for more details.

The Simulator has the following features:

  • Airway Management - ETT, LMA, Combitube, NG/OG
  • Surgical/Needle Cricothyrotomy
  • Breath/Heart/Lung Sounds
  • Palpable Pulses
  • BP Auscultation
  • Defibrilation/Cardioversion/Pacing/Over 200 heart rhythms
  • IV/IV Meds